We live in a time where computers have overtaken practically all aspects of life. To be successful basic computer skills are a must but not enough. You need the best gear as well – make sure you know which is the best gaming keyboard 2017 and the best monitor too. Often productivity of an individual is hampered by ineffective usage of the laptop. Thankfully, there are enough tips that can help you overcome this hurdle and transform into a highly efficient and productive person.

Tricks for better computing

  1. Get organized: Take charge of your desktop and put things in order and in proper place. Name all your files and folders systematically either date wise or subject wise. Ensure that you are saving your files in the correct folder. End of the day ensure that you are deleting unwanted files and folder. Avoid a cluttered desktop at all costs. Once your desktop is organized, it is easier to find what you are looking for. The same can be done with your inbox.
  2. Use Productivity browsers: Technology is supposed to reduce work but improper use of the same technology does the exact opposite. As a result, when you don’t know how to handle too many open windows and browsers, you will be met with a system that refuses to move or just crashes. To overcome such scenarios, there are several productivity browsers like OneTab which not only organize all the windows but also save memory space. Some others even help you to follow up and reply to emails.
  3. Improve performance: Computers too are like humans; they get tired and sluggish with age. While we can’t do much about the human age, we can certainly improve the performance of the system. Do a disk cleanup to rejuvenate your laptop. De fragmenting the computer will speeden the disk cleanup.
  4. Don’t forget the shortcuts: There are zillions of computer users who are unaware of the several shortcuts that can make their lives easier and their work quicker. Did you know you can save several hours of productive time if you master the keyboard shortcuts? You can copy, paste, delete and even search the web for specific keywords by using shortcuts.
  5. Stay focused: Your task has to work extra hard to retain your focus when you are badgered constantly by notifications from Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and Twitter. Thankfully, nowadays there is a program that will make your task easier. It is called StayFocused, an extension on Chrome which limits Social media time. You can decide which websites to avoid and what is the time limit for their usage. Where you mind fails to control this program does and you can focus on more important things at hand.
  6. Customize your favorite sites: If you need to visit a certain websites frequently for your work but you end up spending too much time on these sites, you can customize them. By using user scripts and user styles you can make the website more useful for you. This will save you time spent on browsing and improve productivity too. These user scripts and styles are normally available as browser extensions or add-ons on chrome and Opera.

Thus we see that improving productivity is not hard if you have the right knowledge and technical help.