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Give One Get One

To participate in the Give One Get One program, which runs from now through December 31, please visit

For donations of 100 or more laptops, please visit Give Many.


The One Laptop per Child Foundation is supported by individuals, businesses and foundations. Contributions large and small are greatly appreciated and will be used to support grassroots learning innovations throughout the lesser-developed world. Contributions may be sent to:

OLPC Foundation
P.O. Box 425087
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02142

Contributions may also be made securely through Google using the form below.

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For your convenience, the option to use PayPal is also provided (a donation amount can be entered after selecting this option).

Donate stock

Instruct your broker to transfer stock to the OLPC Foundation through our broker, AG Edwards. DTC Clearing #0201. For the Benefit Of (FBO): OLPC Foundation; Account 70038685. Please email questions to stockdonation at

Perhaps your employer can match your generous donation? We are a 501(c)(3) organization; our EIN# is 20-5471780.

OLPC Foundation Volunteer Service

As a part of its mission, the OLPC Foundation maintains a Web-based listing of individuals and organizations who are prepared to contribute their services and/or products in support of children in XO laptop programs throughout the world.

All activities undertaken as a result of contacts made through this OLPC Foundation Volunteer Service must be done on a strictly volunteer basis and all intellectual property generated as a part of this Service will be considered in the public domain and therefore not subject to any royalty or copyright fees. Volunteers may not charge a fee for the time, effort invested, or ideas generated as a part of this service. In exceptional cases, volunteers may be reimbursed for direct out-of-pocket expenses, but only on the basis of prior written agreements with the related program(s). An executed, electronic copy the agreement must be provided in advance to the OLPC Foundation.

The information provided in all applications will be reviewed and, if appropriate, will be posted on the OLPC Foundation Website. {You may be contacted.}

I have read the above terms and conditions of the OLPC Foundation Volunteer Service and agree that any service or product that I provide through this Service will be subject to these terms and conditions.

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